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The Virus House
This book tells the Real History of the attempt by Adolf Hitler’s nuclear scientists to build the atomic bomb. They were closer to success than people now like to believe...

Until 1942 they were ahead of the Allies. Then a German mathematician made a crucial mistake, which forced the team of atomic physicists to believe they could only build a nuclear reactor with Heavy Water. The one factory which distilled that costly liquid, drop by precious drop, was in the mountains of southern Norway, vulnerable to bombing attack - and to sabotage by daring British Special Operations teams. (This book was previously published in North America under the title "The German Atomic Bomb".) Laminate hardback.
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The Secret Diaries of Hitler's Doctor
The Morell Diaries vanished in 1945, but turned up in 1981 in the National Institutes of Health, Maryland, USA, which transferred them to the National Archives. Was Hitler clinically mad? What diseases laid him low in 1941 and 1944 - at crucial moments in his nation’s history?David Irving discovered, transcribed, translated, and annotated the long-lost diaries of the infamous Dr Theo Morell, Adolf Hitler's doctor from 1937-1945; he provides a fascinating medical history of Hitler during his years of power. Laminate hardcover.
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The Destruction of Convoy PQ-17
Thirty-eight British and American cargo ships sailed in June 1942 for North Russia. On July 4, the British Admiralty ordered the escorts to turn back and escape, leaving each ship to fend for itself. Most were sunk. (David Irving's harrowing 1967 account of the drama resulted in a major libel action in 1970.) Large softcover.
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The Night the Dams Burst

This book tells the Real History of the heroic RAF moonlight attack on Germany’s Ruhr Dams in May 1943, immortalised by the movie The Dambusters. The author’s gripping account is based on his interviews with Bomber Command officers and official British and German documents, and on exclusive access to the private papers and diaries of Barnes Wallis – the British scientist who invented the unique “bouncing bomb” which smashed the dams. The book reads like a thriller, and will excite readers of all ages. Hardcover.

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