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David Irving's much-sought biography of Erhard Milch, Hermann Göring's deputy, the field-marshal who founded Lufthansa and then created the Luftwaffe. Reprinted in 2018. Special price here for this Focal Point Classic series reprint: $50 (hardback), post free.

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Breach of Security

David Irving’s well received 1967 History of the German secret Forschungsamt, the agency which tapped German telephones from 1933, and broke diplomatic codes, and that agency’s report on diplomatic events leading to the Second World War. One of the first books by a famous British historian

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ACCIDENT. The Death of General Sikorski

ACCIDENT. The Death of General Sikorski


In 1943 the Polish prime minister in exile, General Wladyslaw Sikorski, was killed in a British plane  crash at Gibraltar. The Germans claimed it was an assassination. The RAF flew a Board of Inquiry to Gibraltar to investigate, and this cleared the pilot of blame. The death of the Polish prime minister came at a convenient moment for Winston Churchill. In this 1967 book David Irving investigates the mystery; he published the Board's secret report, and spoke with the pilot twice, and with others involved. 

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The Destruction of Convoy PQ-17
Thirty-eight British and American cargo ships sailed in June 1942 for North Russia. On July 4, the British Admiralty ordered the escorts to turn back and escape, leaving each ship to fend for itself. Most were sunk. (David Irving's harrowing 1967 account of the drama resulted in a major libel action in 1970.) Large softcover.
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Nuremberg, the Last Battle (special offer)
David Irving's history of the inside story of the controversial war crimes trial of Hitler's associates, based on the private papers and exclusive diaries of lawyers, judges, and defendants that were exclusively available to the author. Many unpublished color photos. Jacketed hardback.
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