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The Virus House
This book tells the Real History of the attempt by Adolf Hitler’s nuclear scientists to build the atomic bomb. They were closer to success than people now like to believe...

Until 1942 they were ahead of the Allies. Then a German mathematician made a crucial mistake, which forced the team of atomic physicists to believe they could only build a nuclear reactor with Heavy Water. The one factory which distilled that costly liquid, drop by precious drop, was in the mountains of southern Norway, vulnerable to bombing attack - and to sabotage by daring British Special Operations teams. (This book was previously published in North America under the title "The German Atomic Bomb".) Laminate hardback.
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The War Between the Generals
David Irving's best-selling history of the infighting between the top Allied generals during the 1944 invasion of Normandy, based on their unknown private letters and diaries. Used since then by every historian of that epic, it received brilliant reviews at the time. Laminate hardback.
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The War Path: Hitler's Germany 1933-1939

A magnificent Focal Point reprint of a David Irving classic

From February 3, 1933, when he told his generals in secret of his ultimate ambition to invade and conquer the East, to September 3, 1939, when he left the Berlin Chancellery for the Polish front, Adolf Hitler had one obsessive goal – to wage war and achieve German revenge and hegemony.  David Irving's exclusive interviews with Hitler's staff, and his use of original and unpublished firsthand material led him across Europe in search of documents and correspondence.

350 pages including 27 pages of extraordinary illustrations, many never seen before.

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Uprising! Hungary 1956: One Nation's Nightmare
David Irving, described by a UK judge as the leading expert on World War II, examines the spontaneous 1956 uprising of the Hungarians against rule from Moscow – against the faceless, indifferent, incompetent functionaries who had turned their country into a pit of Marxist misery in one short decade: the funkies, Irving calls them, adapting the Hungarian word funkcionariusok.
He traced and questioned the men who had been kidnapped, exiled, imprisoned and put on trial with the prime minister Imre Nagy, who was sentenced to death, and members of Nagy’s family. It is Irving’s assessment of Imre Nagy that will raise eyebrows, together with his discovery among official records of evidence that antisemitism was one of the motors of the popular uprising.
The resulting study is an autopsy of a failed revolution, viewed both from inside the council chambers of the powerful and from street level. This is a compelling drama, with a cast of ten million.
The Guardian: “Irving skilfully combines sources . . . The result is disconcerting, rather like reading a film script, but it works particularly well.”
Laminate hardback.
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