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Customer Feedback

Customer Satisfaction Matters to Us

Windsor, U.K.

Thank you for visiting our bookstore.

As you may know, this bookstore replaces the old one, which was destroyed by hackers last November and we are very keen to get things right.

Whether or not you made a purchase, we'd like to hear your views on how we are doing. Could you take a few moments to answer some or all of the questions below? (Hint: If you do, you will instantly receive a promotional code entitling you to a substantial price reduction the next time you visit. Be sure to write it down!)






If you made a purchase. . .

Did you easily find what you were looking for?


Was the checkout process quick and easy?


If you encountered a problem, did we resolve it rapidly for you?



If you did not make a purchase…

Will you visit us again?

What were your reason or reasons for choosing not to buy something this time? (I.e. prices, couldn't find the item you wanted, just browsing, technical problems, etc)

Might you make a purchase at a later date?

Have you purchased any David Irving books or attended any of his talks in the past?

Finally, and only if you have time…

How did you hear about our store?

How easy was it to find your way around our store?

Do the pages load quickly?


Are the product photos and descriptions satisfactory? If not, what would you change or add?


Would you like to see books by other authors or more DVDs available? Can you suggest other products that you would like us to sell?


Any other suggestions, comments, or complaints?


 Any message for us?

. . . wait a few seconds for our thank-you note, and get ready to write down your brief promotional code!


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