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Nuremberg, the Last Battle


Nuremberg, the Last Battle, available for pre-order as an audiobook, presents a riveting close-quarters examination of the Nuremberg Trials. These pivotal proceedings sought justice at the end of World War II. 

Drawing from unpublished diaries and documents of key figures—judges, attorneys, and the accused—Irving delivers a controversial perspective on “the trial of the century.”

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A Word From The Author

Controversy has never been a stranger to me; indeed, it has been an inseparable companion in my quest to present history in its raw, unvarnished form. Here, you will find works that dare to question, to probe deeper than most historians will venture. 

This is a domain for those who seek to explore beyond the accepted, to question the narratives handed down through generations, and to engage with history in its most authentic and unapologetic state.

David Irving
British historian, author and speaker.

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Complete Series

Churchill's War I & II

Delve into the intricate world of Winston Churchill with David Irving’s ‘Churchill’s War’ series. This compelling set, including ‘The Struggle for Power’ and ‘Triumph in Adversity’, provides an unfiltered examination of Churchill’s complex legacy, from his early setbacks to his wartime triumphs. 

Now available at a special discount when purchased together, these meticulously researched volumes offer an indispensable perspective on the pivotal events of the Second World War. Don’t miss this opportunity to own a piece of history at an exceptional value.

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Our readers are consistently impressed by the quality and depth of our publications.

Mr. Irving ‘tells dispassionately and honestly, the story of a deeply tragic example, in time of war, of man’s inhumanity to man’. We should be grateful to the author for having devoted long study to this question and for having now provided us with as accurate an account of what actually happened as we are likely to obtain.

Sir Harold Nicolson - The Observer

The Destruction of Dresden

Mr. David Irving has rendered the British people a great service. They have to know. The Dresden event is a part of British (as well as of German, and European, and human) history. It is a piece of the mosaic that makes up the British character and a brush-stroke, out of many, in the image that Britain presents to foreign peoples.

The Economist

The Destruction of Dresden

Tightly bound, nice blue cover, colourful dust jacket, wonderful photo section! The text thus far – David’s much appreciated, old-style British wit and verve – they just don’t write like this anymore.

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John M

Churchill's War

The very first chapter of your book on Himmler shows your incredible research ability.

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Professor K S

True Himmler

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