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    Royal Navalese: A Glossary of Fo’csle Language

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    Royal Navalese dives into the heart of Royal Navy tradition with this captivating hardcover book, meticulously compiled by RN Commander John Irving, a distinguished figure from the early 20th century and father to the acclaimed historian David Irving. This book offers a unique window into naval life, uncovering the secret language – or “Navalese” – spoken among sailors of the Royal Navy up until the twilight of the British Empire post-1945.

    Paired with the whimsical illustrations by Beryl Irving, David Irving’s mother serves as both a historical artefact and a lively read. The book brings to life the camaraderie, hardships, and distinctive humour that characterized naval life. Each term and expression is presented with clarity, often accompanied by amusing anecdotes that capture the essence of maritime culture.

    First published in 1946 and republished in 2020 by Focal Point Publications, London, this edition allows readers to explore the nuances of naval slang that has evolved over centuries, offering insights into the language and Royal Navy life during a pivotal era.

    Whether you’re a naval enthusiast, a linguistics aficionado, or simply curious about the unique lexicon of one of the world’s most renowned maritime forces, “Royal Navalese: A Glossary of Fo’csle Language” promises an enriching journey through the words and expressions that have shaped the identity of the Royal Navy.

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