David Irving 2023

A Heartfelt Thank You from David’s Family

Dear Reader,

We have been very touched by the messages of support that we have received since informing you about David’s poor health. We would like to update you on his condition and extend our gratitude to everyone who has donated and to those that have sent well wishes. With the help of contributions received, we have been able to secure care to meet David’s needs. Donations have ensured David is comfortable, significantly contributing to keeping him in a stable condition. It is a relief to us all to know that he is receiving the quality care he deserves.

We are also glad to dispel rumours about David’s demise. Please be assured that he is still with us, battling on and showing characteristic determination in his will to live. We can report that his spirit remains unbroken. We have all been moved, and he has been buoyed by the heartwarming messages of support and encouragement which he has received.

With regards to David’s legacy, we are making steady progress in ensuring his contributions to history are preserved. Work is being done to get Churchill’s War, Volume III released, which was almost ready for publication when David became unwell. For those of you wishing to purchase Nuremberg, this is being reprinted and will be available at the end of March/early April of this year.  We are also looking into creating audiobooks and finding other innovative ways to ensure his invaluable work remains accessible to all and can be enjoyed by all. 

Your support has been instrumental in helping with David’s medical costs as well as bringing the above-mentioned plans to fruition. We are pulling together as a family to make sure he is as well as can be expected and are immensely encouraged by the gestures of kindness received from David’s audience and fans. It is clear that you care about the man, as well as his work. 

Thank you for standing with us. We will keep you updated on David’s condition and our progress in ensuring his legacy endures. Your generosity and support have made all the difference.

We are happy to share a special photo taken by one of his daughters in April 2023 above.

Warmest regards,

The Irving Family

10 thoughts on “A Heartfelt Thank You from David’s Family”

  1. May Allah bless mr david irving, he has the courage and patience of elite human beings, To let go of the luxury that came with reiterating conformist view is no joke, he has never let go of the truth he found in the archives no matter what, even many germans had resorted to turning back on truth so they could live a comfortable life, but a brit never gave up, tha k you for your service to humanity, i look forward to reading your latest work

  2. This is great news.

    Will the second Himmler volume be forthcoming any time soon? Is there any light you could shed on that?

  3. Avatar of Stephen O'Connell
    Stephen O'Connell

    It’s good to hear that David Irving is getting the care that he deserves. The third volume of “Churchill’s War” will be another one of David’s important contributions to real history and its publication is eagerly awaited. David Irving’s legacy will live on, as history is forever!

  4. Avatar of Another Truth Lover
    Another Truth Lover

    Thank for you this upbeat and hopeful update. It is a true blessing to have people yet still in this dark world who fight to share and reveal the truth – no matter where it leads.

    May Heavenly Father’s blessings be upon this warrior of truth and upon his entire family. May be he spared yet a while longer to continue his efforts before being called through the veil. Heaven knows we need every last truth teller and archivist possible to fight against the false narratives.

    If everyone could develop a fusion of true knowledge that could show the actual facts of history there would be so much more peace and reconciliation in this world than we find presently. May each of us find empowerment through truth and learning both true knowledge and wisdom.

  5. Avatar of Jorge L. Martinez
    Jorge L. Martinez

    As political exiles from communist Cuba in 1960 I remember as a child my father commenting, not long after our family arrived on U.S. soil, that it was incomprehensible to him how the U.S. had allowed a two-bit gangster like Fidel Castro to secure a communist beach head in the Western Hemisphere. He had registered to go to the Bay of Pigs invasion, but it did not take him long to realize that these freedom fighters were going to be betrayed by JFK and he pulled out just in time. He was, of course, proved right by the disastrous sequela. Henceforth, his search for historical and political truth and accuracy led him to build a sizeable library at home I was privy to of quite a few books by varied and reputable authors. You can say that it rubbed off on me. This is why I can only have admiration for historians such as David Irving who do not compromise their integrity and values. If it were not for authors of his intelligence, caliber, and steadfastness we would continue to be in the dark. I have purchased and read most of his works and I hope and pray that my modest donation contributes to help him regain his health.

  6. I am pleased to hear Mr. Irving is getting the care he so rightfully deserves. I cannot express what his work has meant to me over the years. In the 1990s, I was a student of history at the university and he taught me how to be not only a writer but a researcher. There is not a finer historian. I am praying for his speedy recovery.

  7. A true gentleman of the deepest dignity, an erudite scholar and a soldier for the truth. Mr Irving will always prevail in defiance of what “the J machine” throws at him.

  8. Dear Mr. Irving,
    News of your ill health has left me with a sense of disbelief, sadness and a feeling of inconsolable ineptitude as I attempt to convey a message of encouragement and of gratitude. I reach out hoping that you still might hear my words and find in their expression true meritorious accolades for the tremendous gift you have bestowed on History by your matchless intellect, meticulous research, fascinating ability to communicate, incomparable writing, tenacious pursuit of Truth, and above all else, tremendous courage throughout the many years of relentless percussion by the powerful lobby that seems to direct and govern every nation. In spite of its Herculean pervasiveness, you were successful beyond its imagination! For what you have accomplished, you deserve the gratitude and admiration of all mankind!
    In the words of Jesus in the Gospel of St. Matthew: “Well done, thou, my good and faithful servant! Enter now into the joy of the Lord!”
    That said, by no means do I wish you to think of leaving this world just yet!!! I merely want you to realize how much you are appreciated and what an impressive historical figure you have become! Your work has been achieved worldwide and what a remarkable legacy it is!!!
    I am proud to own so many of your books in my library and shall always cherish the memories of those rivetting speeches I had attended with the great David Irving!
    In parting, I say “Thank you!” You are amazing! When your Time has come, “Vaya con Dios!” knowing that He will lead you to a place of peace, love and perfect knowledge! No doubt that all your lifelong efforts will be richly rewarded by Our Lord!
    I’m sending you all my heartfelt good wishes for wellness and gentle comfort in your days of reflection and repose!
    In fond memory and much sadness,
    Keeping you close,
    Maria Timmons
    P.S. My father, John Calvarasan, deceased in 1997, was also an huge fan of your great erudition and talents! He brought me “into the fold”, so to speak, when he first took me to hear you in Toronto.

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