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Nuremberg, the Last Battle

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Nuremberg, the Last Battle is David Irving’s history of the inside story of the controversial war crimes trial of Hitler’s associates – those who survived Allied orders to shoot on site if captured –  based on the private papers and exclusive diaries of lawyers, judges, and defendants that were exclusively available to the author. Many unpublished color photos. Jacketed hardback.

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Nuremberg, the Last Battle is unpublished diaries and papers of the principal actors – the judges, lawyers, and the war criminals themselves – David Irving takes a close-quarters look at the trial which finally ended World War Two: the Trial of the Century, held in Nuremberg from 1945 to 1946.

Where the city’s face bore the terrible scars of the mortal struggle between Germany and her enemies, which had ended in May 1945, the ghosts – those who survived Allied orders to shoot on site if captured – continued the struggle for sixteen more months. The armies were unequal; one side was unarmed and had few friends.

President Harry S. Truman had appointed Robert H. Jackson as Chief of Counsel for the United States, charged with mounting the prosecution of the major Axis war criminals. His task seemed clearly defined. By the time the trial began in November 1945, many of his ideals had already been betrayed.

There would be few crimes listed in the indictment at Nuremberg of which one or other of the four prosecuting powers was not guilty of itself.

In the cause of defeating Adolf Hitler, civilian populations had been burned and blasted, murdered, brutalised, intimidated, deported, and enslaved; aggressive wars had been launched, neutral countries occupied by pretext and deceit, and the unalterable paragraphs of international conventions flagrantly violated.

Bob Jackson knew this, and it hurt him. It damaged his name and career forever. The book includes hitherto unknown photographs, including many in full colour. 377 pages

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5 Bewertungen für Nuremberg, the Last Battle

  1. Benutzerbild von Thomas Tidswell

    Thomas Tidswell

    An expectedly-thorough analysis of an area of War history that benefits from repeating the premise that whatever the standpoint, "War Crimes" as such were "Victors' Justice" created and imposed after the event and, rather closer than bore scrutiny, all the Allied Nations were, themselves, equally guilty of the offences.
    A worthy addition to the author's canon of work.

  2. Benutzerbild von Williamhyland1984@gmail.com

    [email protected]

    An extraordinary account of a trial I knew very little about. Davids beautiful writing brings alive & puts a voice to the prosecution & defence. I was filled with Adrenaline when it came to goring vs Jackson; Something I haven’t felt in a long time from a book. I highly recommend it. Absolutely brilliant.

  3. Benutzerbild von jrmportelli88@gmail.com

    [email protected]

    Awesome work

  4. Benutzerbild von hj123wwoop@twc.com

    [email protected]

    I thought this book would be boring so I put it off for a long time. That was a mistake. The injustice handed out to the Germans is a crime in itself.

  5. Benutzerbild von ikesword3@gmail.com

    [email protected]

    I bought this book a while back Mr.irving signed it I loved this book the robbery of justice in pure form and continues in American society today and the EU follows this was the starting point for unwarranted corruption in our justice system

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