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Other Losses is a story after WW2, the Allies betrayed their own civilizing values – more German people were killed by allied action after the war than died during the war. At the same time, different leaders in Canada and the USA ran a massive food relief campaign that fed the world, including their former enemies. Never had such vengeance been committed; never had such mercy been shown.

This film, based on James Bacque’s books, Other Losses and Crimes and Mercies, uses eyewitness accounts and documentary evidence to tell the story accurately and compassionately. Produced by James Bacque and Robert Steinert. Canada, 2016,


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Prior to the revelations of Julian Assange and Edward Snowden regarding US secret documents, Canadian author James Bacque had already brought attention to a disturbing account in his 1989 book, “Other Losses.” Colonel Dr. Ernest F. Fisher, a US military historian, provided the foreword for the book.

Bacque conducted a thorough examination, revealing how both the US Army and the French Army were implicated in the deaths of approximately one million German prisoners of war. These actions were executed under high-level orders but remained largely unnoticed by the global public.

Collaborating with a US army historian, Bacque meticulously analyzed American documents to demonstrate that immediately after the German surrender, General Dwight Eisenhower, who later became the President of the United States, issued orders to withhold weather protection and food from millions of German soldiers and civilian prisoners confined under the open sky.

The Morgenthau Plan, conceived by Roosevelt and Churchill in a secret 1944 conference, aimed to “pastoralize” Germany and included the deliberate starvation of millions of prisoners of war and civilians, including Germans expelled from the East. The guise of “reparations” was used to loot industrial production sites, with valuable assets taken away.

Other Losses DVD
Other Losses DVD

This period also witnessed what is arguably one of the largest patent thefts in history, particularly through the abduction of German specialists and highly trained professionals.

The situation for the maltreated individuals began to improve somewhat in 1946 due to an extraordinary international relief effort led by American Herbert Hoover (“Hoover Food”) and Canadian MacKenzie. Drawing on three books by Bacque, our documentary presents astonishing and distressing new footage, complemented by interviews with American commanders of the death camps and German survivors who endured these inhumane hardships.

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