David Irving on the David Frost Programme 1977

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David Irving on the David Frost Programme 1977.


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  1. Najeeb Nasirのアバター

    Najeeb Nasir (承認)

    this is David’s first video appearance I could find and a key example of media slander..
    when I worked in a summer program for media 2 months at a summer school job most kids were being taught about “horrible right wing propaganda”
    i decide on my session that week to show them this program The kids gen alpha mostly loved irving and hated that he wasnt allowed to speak cause “beta males won’t STFU” it got funny when they called his opponents “mouth breathers” and that irving looked chad and is mogged (a compliment)
    this is all new generation slang but they all thought Irving was a cool man
    one girl in class thought he was racist when I asked why she was silent
    overall this programme was great to show people and I think the younger generations will grow to love mr.irving


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