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Banged Up
David Irving's book-length account of how he was ambushed by the Austrian Stapo, the secret state police, in November 2005, and sentenced to three years' jail in the country's oldest, grimmest prison for a lecture he had delivered sixteen years before: Go figure. The trial, the imprisonment, and the legal battles are related in a way devoid of all rancour or hatred. Hardback.
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Churchill's War, vol i: The Struggle for Power

David Irving's standard work on the early years of Winston Churchill and his war, based, like his work on Hitler, on and interviews and documents exclusively available to him, and thirty years of research in British and international archives. This first volume chronicles an almost unbroken series of disasters in his life, from Gallipoli and the Chanak crisis to the defeat of France and the military fiasco in Greece. Jacketed casebound, a limited edition of a de luxe boxed copy, will be available to those who order early.

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