Our collection is a treasure trove for those passionate about 20th-century history, with a special focus on World War II and its leading figures. Each movie offers an enlightening perspective, bringing historical events and personalities to life through engaging narratives and expert analysis.

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    DVD:海因里希·希姆莱的生与死(英语,82 分钟)

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    Embark on a profound historical journey with British Historian David Irving as he unveils the enigmatic figure of Heinrich Himmler, the Reichsführer SS, in this compelling 82-minute documentary. Irving delves deep into the archives from Moscow and beyond to bring to light Himmler’s dark legacy, his pivotal role during World War II, and his mysterious demise in May 1945.

  • DVD: David Irving on Winston Churchill (110 mins).

    DVD: David Irving on Winston Churchill (110 mins)

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    On October 17, 1987, David Irving delivered a talk to an Anaheim, California audience on Churchill’s role in World War II, the man who destroyed two empires: his enemy’s… and his own. This film is ideal for those who enjoyed the first volume of Churchill’s War, for those who have not yet read it but want an overview, or for those who prefer a video to a long book.

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    Hitler’s War DVD

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    David Irving wrote the script for this documentary film on Adolf Hitler and his war; it has been screened many times by PBS in the USA (and several times even in Israel until protesters forced its withdrawal). Region 0.

  • DVD: They Don’t Hang War Criminals Any More… Do They?

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    David Irving speaks on Hitler, Churchill, and Iraq – war crimes of the modern world


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    DVD: Victory of Faith

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    Very rare. Ordered destroyed by Hitler, as it soon became politically incorrect (and now banned by the German government too) this is Leni Riefenstahl’s unknown film of the 1933 Nuremberg Party Rally. Region 0.

  • DVD: The Search for Truth in History (English, 85 mins)

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    David Irving speaks on


    After billionaire oligarchs bribed the Canberra Government to ban him from Australia, he entered another way – on video!

  • Other Losses DVD

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    Other Losses is a story after WW2, the Allies betrayed their own civilizing values – more German people were killed by allied action after the war than died during the war. At the same time, different leaders in Canada and the USA ran a massive food relief campaign that fed the world, including their former enemies. Never had such vengeance been committed; never had such mercy been shown.

    This film, based on James Bacque’s books, Other Losses and Crimes and Mercies, uses eyewitness accounts and documentary evidence to tell the story accurately and compassionately. Produced by James Bacque and Robert Steinert. Canada, 2016,

  • 出售! 希特勒的战争独家收藏(书籍和 DVD)

    希特勒的战争独家收藏(书籍和 DVD)

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    《希特勒的战争》独家收藏(书籍和 DVD)是一个独家套装,将详细的《希特勒的战争千年版 2019》书籍与引人入胜的《希特勒的战争 DVD》配对。

  • 出售! 大卫·欧文 (David Irving) 参加 1977 年大卫·弗罗斯特节目

    大卫·欧文 (David Irving) 参加 1977 年大卫·弗罗斯特节目

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  • 出售! DVD: Hitler’s Place in History (140 mins)

    DVD: Hitler’s Place in History (140 mins)

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    Two lively talks on Hitler’s Place in History by David Irving and Mark Weber, specialists in the Third Reich and World War II, at the meeting of the Institute for Historical Review in California in April 2005.

  • DVD:Ich komme wieder(德语)

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    Professional quality film: David Irving: “Ich komme wieder” (I shall return). On January 13, 1993 the German courts fined British historian David Irving a total of thirty thousand deutschmarks, around 15,000 dollars, and a few months later he was banned from the country “in the interests of the German people.” In this ninety-minute illustrated narrative of his life and struggle, historian David Irving, vows: “I shall return.” — In German.