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Pre-publication: Churchill's War, vol iii: The Sundered Dream

Pre-publication: Churchill's War, vol iii: The Sundered Dream
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David Irving
Churchill’s War
— Volume III –
The Sundered Dream

The book has been a work-in-progress for thirty years or more. This, the final Volume, reveals the rows between Britain’s stalwart by half-American prime minister and his ministers, who have become increasingly unhappy with his ragged decisions, his subservience to the United States, his giving away to the United States of Britain’s most precious discoveries like computer-codebreaking and atomic weapons, and by his failed attempt in July 1944 to kill Germany’s elected leader Adolf Hitler, and by ‘incidents’ like the incineration of 100,000 Dresden citizens, and his assassination squads which murdered selected German commanders after their surrender in 1945 – when it was a war crime to do so. All the time they hushed up his inherited alcoholism, and the impending loss through carelessness of Britain’s ancient and hard-won Empire and other things better left unspoken – like the plan in 1945 for the British army alone to attack Russia (Operation Unthinkable).

The book is based on scores of unknown diaries, including exclusively Churchill’s calendars; and on papers placed - sometimes furtively – in the public archives of Britain and allied governments, and being quietly doctored and modified even now.

Churchill, never elected in wartime as prime minister and roundly defeated when peace came in 1945, has since been lionized by the world’s mainstream media for being England’s prime minister when she “stood alone” (except that she didn’t).


Henry Morgenthau, Roosevelt’s Treasury Secretary, wrote in August 1944: ’I asked the prime minister how he proposed to reveal that Britain was now bankrupt.’

Churchill: ‘That is a doleful task, which um, I shall leave to, um. – Ah! My successor!’


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