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Sekretne pamiętniki lekarza Hitlera Dzienniki Morella zaginęły w 1945 r., ale odnalazły się w 1981 r. w Narodowym Instytucie Zdrowia w stanie Maryland w USA, który przekazał je do Archiwum Narodowego.

Czy Hitler był klinicznie szalony? Jakie choroby osłabiły go w latach 1941 i 1944 – w kluczowych momentach historii jego narodu? David Irving odkrył, przepisał, przetłumaczył i opatrzył adnotacjami dawno zaginione pamiętniki niesławnego doktora Theo Morella, lekarza Adolfa Hitlera w latach 1937–1945; przedstawia fascynującą historię medyczną Hitlera w latach jego władzy.

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This book tells the Real History of Adolf Hitler’s doctors, based on the remarkable secret diary of his physician, Professor Dr Theodor Morell, and other papers. The Morell Diaries vanished in 1945 but turned up in 1981 in the National Institutes of Health, Maryland, USA, which transferred them to the National Archives.

Was Hitler clinically mad? What diseases laid him low in 1941 and 1944 – at crucial moments in his nation’s history? British historian David Irving was the first to find, identify, transcribe, translate, and publish these vital records. The extraordinary diaries of Hitler’s doctor and the accompanying dossier on his “Patient A” refute many wartime legends about Germany’s wartime dictator. 291 pages

The Secret Diaries of Hitler’s Doctor has a Laminated hardcover.

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    This book is essentially a transcription of the treatments administered to Adolf Hitler by his doctor during the war years. How was Hitler feeling during Operation Barbarossa? Was he really in better shape, physically, than Roosevelt, Churchill, or Stalin? Was his doctor a “quack,” and did his proprietary remedies help of hurt Hitler? Get this book and read it and you will get the answers to these questions & more.

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