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Breach of Security

David Irving’s well received 1967 History of the German secret Forschungsamt, the agency which tapped German telephones from 1933, and broke diplomatic codes, and that agency’s report on diplomatic events leading to the Second World War. One of the first books by a famous British historian

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Hitler's War, Millennium Edition (2019)

PRE-PRINT, ADVANCE SPECIAL OFFER Hitler's War. David Irving's standard work on Adolf Hitler based on diaries and documents exclusively available to him and thirty years of research and interviews with Hitler's generals and private staff. Jacketed hardback, with new picture sections. Cheaper than Amazon! and eBay!

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The Mare's Nest

The story of Hitler's V-weapons the British Intelligence attack on them. The first edition had to be cleared by the Ministry of Defence, the Cabinet Office, the Foreign Office and the Prime Minister. This new edition contains the formerly excised chapters. Laminate hardback.

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