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Hess: The Missing Years 1941-1945

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Dive into the enigmatic world of Rudolf Hess’s wartime odyssey with David Irving’s Hess: The Missing Years 1941-1945. This compelling volume sheds light on one of World War II’s most mysterious episodes: the daring solo flight by Hitler’s deputy to Scotland in a bid to broker peace. This mission led to his lifelong incarceration. Irving’s painstaking research uncovers the hidden layers of this historical puzzle, drawing from secret British Intelligence files, medical records, and firsthand accounts to narrate a story that veers between tragedy and espionage thriller.

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Hess: The Missing Years 1941-1945 tells the Real History of the dramatic flight which Adolf Hitler’s deputy Rudolf Hess made in 1941 to Scotland in an attempt to stop the war before the saturation bombing holocaust began. Intercepted before he could reach His Majesty the King, Hess vanished into the maw of the Secret Service and was held as Winston Churchill’s personal prisoner.

British files relate how experts used truth drugs and hidden microphones to try to prise the secrets out of him. Taken to Nuremberg in 1945, Hess outwitted – and eventually outlived – his tormentors. He died mysteriously in 1987 after spending 46 years in jail, strangled by his guard, Tony Jordan. Jordan still lives freely in Berlin; the US State Dept and the British Foreign Office have chosen to draw a veil over the embarrassing killing 403 pages.

  • Unprecedented Access: Irving’s narrative is bolstered by exclusive access to classified documents, revealing the depth of Hess’s conviction and the complexities of his imprisonment.
  • Critical Insights: Through analysing previously undisclosed intelligence and medical files, Irving challenges the official narrative, offering alternative perspectives on Hess’s motivations and the Allied powers’ response.
  • Compelling Narration: Irving combines the rigour of historical research with the flair of a master storyteller, presenting a narrative that captivates history buffs and general readers alike.
  • Rich Imagery: Accompanied by unpublished colour photographs, the book provides a visceral glimpse into the era, enhancing the reader’s engagement with the historical narrative.

Reader Reviews: Critically acclaimed and reader-approved, Hess: The Missing Years 1941-1945 has garnered five-star ratings for its insightful analysis, narrative depth, and the unveiling of long-hidden truths behind Hess’s mission and the Allies’ wartime conduct. Reviewers commend Irving for his unflinching examination of a controversial figure and for illuminating the shadows cast by the victors’ narrative of World War II.

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2 Bewertungen für Hess: The Missing Years 1941-1945

  1. Benutzerbild von Steven Wojtak

    Steven Wojtak

    The book was really interesting. Was Hess insane or faking? Was the real Hess in prison or a substitute? Was Hess killed or suicide? These questions are answered in the book so you will have to buy it to find out. Mr. Irving is first rate as always.

  2. Benutzerbild von Vicki.nikolaidi@gmail.com

    [email protected]

    The book titled “Hess the Missing Years 1941-1945” (with new documents) is a book that needs to be read. For people who are not interested in history, but love the books of Le Carre and Ambler; believe me when I say, truth is far more exciting than fiction so you should read this book too. Learning the personality of Hess will be shocking to those who have not recognized that all Germans are not the same; and that all Nazis were not the same. In other words, many were human beings who displayed an aversion to murder and the crushing of cities. The life of Hess became complicated when he decided to devote his power and time to building a bridge of peace with Britain; a goal he had shared with Hitler.

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